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Brass pendant lamp

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RAVAL | Pendant lamp


Brass pendant lamp


Aluminium, Brass

CosmoMary came to celebrate contemporary design inspired in various memorable cities, their monuments and unique expression. The collection can be defined by a selection of refined materials, such as high-quality fabrics, brass, copper, gold, silver and blown glass lamps.

Barcelona's edgy Raval district is an interesting cultural melting pot, where you will see a series of Asian restaurants, Art Deco cafés and medieval monuments sharing the same streets. The old town derives all the charm and picturesque scenery from an antique industrial flavor, with its narrow old-fashioned workshops. The rehabilitation of Raval has transformed the Barrio into a new area hiding an interesting History and significant contemporary art centers. The old and the new also come together in Raval suspension lamp, with its 6 classic lampshades, in aluminium black and purple lacquer. The 6 flexible arms are gold plated brass and joined at the center by an aluminium ball, lacquered in purple.
Body Brass. Shade Aluminium. Standard Finishes BODY: copper plated, white lacquer, SHADE: white lacquer (ext.), copper lacquer (int.).
Diameter    145 cm • 57.1″
Height        105 cm • 41.3″

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