Cubit by Mymito CUBIT | CD rack

Sectional suspended CD rack

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Cubit by Mymito

Düsseldorf , Germany
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CUBIT | CD rack


Sectional suspended CD rack



Some know every scene from Pretty Woman, others can recite The Godfather. Whilst there’s nothing to stop some from jumping off the sofa in the final scene of Dirty Dancing, others join forces with Bruce to save the world yet again in Die Hard. And it never gets boring!
This also holds true even when we watch our favourite films for the tenth time, and especially for our Top 100 most listened to CDs. There’s always THE song or THE legendary film that provides the soundtrack to particular time in our lives that we always want to have to hand - and we keep finding new favourites too. How can we best store our ever-increasing film and music collection?
The modular shelving system CUBIT has come up with just such an idea, offering you suitable shelving units for perfect storage of your CDs and DVDs. For example, you can sort your media collection by genre: comedy in one shelf, action in the next. R & B can be placed right next to Jazz, and Rock next to Indie. Have you suddenly found your love for western films? Then simply re-align your CUBIT- it adapts to all changes in taste and all additions. What is it The Godfather said? We’re going to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

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