Cubit by Mymito Modular shelving unit

Shelves under stairs and slanted roofs

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Cubit by Mymito

Düsseldorf , Germany
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Modular shelving unit


Shelves under stairs and slanted roofs



Apartments with slanted roofs have their own charm and radiate comfort only through their architecture. Such spaces stand out with exposed beams, gabled windows and cozy corners under slanted roofs. However, large and high wall surfaces that accommodate books and shelves are rare.  It requires creativity to furnish such a room and it is a clear case for the CUBIT modular shelving system that flexibly adapts to any living space. Furniture and shelves in standard size will simply not work in rooms with a low jamb wall or very slanted roofs. The same is true for the space under stairs, which is often the only reason that the space remains unused, because no suitable shelving systems can be found. The CUBIT shelf modules easily master any slanted roof! The CUBIT planner will help you put together the best customized CUBIT combination to ensure your books or CDs can move into your attic or sensibly fill up the stairs area. Who wants a straight solution when you can find a slanted version?

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