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12' submersible motors

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12' submersible motors

Rewindable 12" submersible asynchronous two or four-pole electric motor available in standard version with casing in AISI 316 stainless steel and supports in cast iron. The thrust block and bushes are cooled and lubricated with a mixture of water and glycol. The rotor is mounted on a Mitchell self-centring thrust block designed to withstand significant axial loads. The motor is also available in a version entirely in AISI 316 stainless steel and a version in AISI 904. There is also a version suitable for use with variable frequency drive (30 Hz - 50/60 Hz). The motor is equipped with single-core cables of 8 m connected directly to the winding, and is available in DOL or STAR-DELTA configuration. The cables are ACS, WRAS and KTW certified. The electrical protection must
be provided by the user. On request: PT100 and PTC temperature probes, cables of a different length, different voltage supply, special shaft terminals.

Flanging: 12”.
Protection class: IP58 (IP68 on request).
Cooling flow speed: 0,5 m/s.
Power supply tolerance: + 6 % / -10 %.
Max. starts: 5/h.
Max operating depth: 300 m.
Max operating temperature: 60 bar.
Horizontal operation: 180 HP - 260 HP.
Direction of rotation: to be specified in the order; the standard version turns anti-clockwise.

The rewindable stator is protected by an AISI 316 stainless steel jacket. In the standard version the rotor is wound with PVC coated wire (PE2+PA for 300 HP and 340 HP). On request, we can supply a version with a PE2+PA winding that makes the
motor compatible with special applications and with the use of a variable frequency drive. Mitchell type thrust bearings with pads in rubber coated steel and steel clearance ring.
from 200 HP to 340 HP:
70000 N (one-way)
35000 N (two-way)
Counter-thrust load: 15000 N
Rotor shaft in stainless steel, shaft extension with key connection. The rotor is in copper for all sizes. In the standard version the motor is supplied with a ceramic/carbon mechanical seal. A silicon carbide (SiC/SiC) mechanical seal is available on request. The motor can also be fitted with an
additional lip seal (IP68).

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