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Mounting kit for water collection and pressurization

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Mounting kit for water collection and pressurization

The NBB pressurization system comprises a water accumulation tank and a pump (w or w/o inverter). NBB is the solution for the creation of a pressurization system for domestic use, where the mains pressure is not sufficient and a system with a water accumulation tank is required. This is based on a modular concept. The kit comprises an NBB tank, a submerged or surface pump, an inverter - in the event the pump does not have integrated electronics - and an installation kit, including an expansion tank, where one is not integrated with the pump. In all of its many configurations, NBB stands out becuase of its small size, its easy use and in the inverter version, its energy saving convenience.

Operating range:
From 10 to 120 litres/min. with head up to 72 m.
Liquid temperature range:
for domestic use: from 0°C to +35°C
Liquid quality requirements:
Suitable for potable water pursuant to
EN1717 and EN13077 European standards.
Maximum ambient temperature: +40°C
Max. operational pressure: 8 bar (800 kPa) for surface pump
Max. inlet pressure: 6 bar
Protection rating:
IP44 for surface pumps.
IP68 for submerged pumps.
Insulation class: F.

NBB comprises:
- 280 litre tank for potable water, compliant with the EN1717 and EN13077 European standards
- fill and overflow valves pre-assembled
- protective screen included in the kit.
Using the kit for the addition of the auxiliary 280 litre tank, the connection tube with gaskets and clamps, the system capacity may be doubled.
In addition to the NBB, the user may choose an assembly kit that meets the needs of the specific type of pump or a pump + inverter being installed. The pump and inverter are not included in the kit. they must be ordered separately.
The installation kit includes all required accessories for installing the pump and inverter on the NBB tank. The Pulsar and Euroinox installation kits a 4 litre expansion tank is provided for.

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