Hydraulic house lift

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Pergine Valsugana, Italy
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Hydraulic house lift

A flight of steps, a difficult staircase, an inaccessible garage are all very real architectural obstacles to the disabled and elderly. The Level platform lift is designed to overcome such obstacles. Ideal for any detached houses, public offices or buildings and apartments with two or more floors, these platform lifts are characterised by an affordable purchase price and reduced running costs. The platform is designed mainly to move people with impaired mobility; It is characterised by controlled speed and carrying capacity. The lift is operated automatically or by constant pressure push button control; The platform complies with the various regulations and standards that are currently in force and it's EC certified.
Level platform lift is available in three different version: Level MAP with automatic control at floor and constant pressure push button in the car, Level Plus with car door amd automatic control both in the car and at floor and Level Matic with automatic door, 4 panels central opening, or telescopic door with 2 or 3 panels, with automatic operation both in the car and at floor.
FUNDING: The application of tax breaks and/or availability of funding for the purchase of machinery, such as the Level platform lift, necessary in order to guarantee access to public and private buildings by the disabled, must be verified at the relevant competent bodies.

Further details
Drive system Hydraulic with pump unit installed adjacent to shaft
Rated load 250-300 Kg (500 Kg optional)
Passengers 3 persons (2 in model M)
Installation Wall-mounted or structure supported
Operation Constant pressure push button control
Max. no. of stops 5
Max. travel 14,1 m (may vary with the models)
Min. headroom 2500 mm
Min. pit or ramp 100 - 150 mm depending on model
Car speed 0.10 - 0.15 m/s
Power supply 240 V single phase
Rated power 1.5 - 2.2 kW

The hydraulic operation guarantees optimum performance and extremely low noise level. The constant pressure push button control ensures maximum safety for the elderly, disabled or handicapped.

Minimum energy consumption
The low power consumption (1.5 kW) with 240 V single phase motor eliminates the need to supply a 415 V three phase industrial power supply.

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