Hydraulic lift

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Hydraulic lift

The experience gained and know-how acquired in 60 years in the lift industry operating in the most important markets worldwide, has led to the development of a highly modern range of elevators which features cutting edge space-saving technology and a pleasing aesthetical design. Easylife fully complies with the European Directive EN81.2 and is certified for installation with low pit and headroom (PrEN81.21:2001). Daldoss was the first European independent lift company to obtain this kind of certification and can be rewarded as the forerunner in this particular market segment! Easylife is a full range of elevators designed to meet the demands of commercial/low traffic environments, such as residential houses, shops, offices, libraries, banks, community centres, small/medium size showrooms. Especially suitable for renovation projects in existing buildings and in meeting diverse architectural requirements. Passenger lift mainly for residential housing with rated load ranging from 180 to 550 Kg; Supplied with 200 mm pit and structure supported frame both for indoor and outdoor applications; Ideal for installation in existing buildings with reduced pit and/or headroom.

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Further details
Rated load180-280-390-480-550 Kg
Passengers2-3-5-6-7 persons
InstallationWall mounted or structure supported frame for internal or external installation
OperationSingle automatic push button or selective collective down
Max. no. of stopsUntil 6 in standard configurations
Max. travelFrom 16,6 m to 18 m (may vary with the models)
Min. headroom2600 mm - 3345 mm (EN81.2)
Min. pit or ramp200 mm - 1050 mm (EN 81.2)
Car speedApprox 0.2 m/s or 0.5 m/s
Power supplyDifferent power supplies available, three or single phase
Rated powerFrom 1.5 kW to 7.7 kW depending upon model, speed and power supply


Not only designed for a precise decelerating speed for re-levelling at floors, Easylife is also equipped with a "position indicator" and an "arrival gong" in the lift car to advise passengers of arrival at each floor. In addition, the elegant interior finish, good illumination and ventilation fan (optional) makes travelling in the lift a pleasure.


Three car models are available with different finishes (same technical drawings): Club, Premium and Class.
La differenza è basata esclusivamente sulle finiture e non sul disegno costruttivo.


Car walls and car door panelsSkin plateInox scotch briteRigidized stainless steel
Profiles, car operation panel
and front return panel
Skin plate DP05 (dark grey)*Inox scotch briteInox scotch brite
Rubber flooringAs per our samplesAs per our samplesAs per our samples
Car ceilingSkin plate DP05 (dark grey)* / Inox scotch brite
Automatic folding type car door panelsAlways in inox scotch brite
Automatic telescopic car door panelsFinishing as per car walls*

* other colours (optional)


Landing doors
Manual (semi-automatic)Baked enamel RAL 7038Baked enamel RAL 7038
Telescopic automatic 2 panels side opening (3 panels optional)Prime painted RAL 7038Prime painted RAL 7038
Skin plate as per our samplesSkin plateSkin plate DP05 (dark grey)*
Inox scotch briteInox scotch briteInox scotch brite
Rigidized stainless steelInox scotch brite or rigidizedInox scotch brite or rigidized stainless steel (optional)
Overall dimensions

Automatic telescopic 2/3 panels landing doors


Rated load



Height 2100


Height 2000 (mm)
Wall mounted
shaft dimensions
Width. x Depth
Structure supported
frame dimensions
Width x Depth

2/3 panels2 panels3 panels2 panels3 panels
S B180/2615850650NANANANA
E A o C280/375011006501200x14001200x14501250x15001200x1550
E AC280/375011006501200x15401200x16201250x16401200x1730
E B280/375011006501260x12501300x12501360x13501350x1350
E AB o BC**280/37501100see projecton requeston requeston requeston request
MA o C390/59001250750/8001350x15501350x16001400x16501350x1700
M B390/59001250750/8001410x14001450x14001510x15001500x1500
M AB o BC**390/59001250see projecton requeston requeston requeston request
LA o C480/610001350800/9001450x16501450x17001500x17501450x1800
L B480/610001350800/9001510x15001550x15001610x16001600x1600
L AB o BC**480/610001350see projecton requeston requeston requeston request

* Feasibility study required for customization of XL models cars
** Only semi-automatic doors version available
*** Non standard car dimensions (on request)

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