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FORME | Reception desk
Reception desk

According to the principle of extreme personalization, you can make panels of any size and shape. The project designing is free, within the limits dictated by the size of the sheets of HP+ laminate (that can vary depending on finishing) and by the curves that cannot be less than 100 mm. The perimetral edge is first applied to the support panel, and then the laminate applied on both, upper and lower surfaces. A reverse procedure compared to standards adopted by other manufacturers.
This operation, although more industrious, ensures total protection against any infiltration into panel, and improved sealing of the edge that will last in time.
The plating of HP+ on the surfaces of the panel, is done at a pressure equal to 100kg/sq.cm. The edging and the perimetral finishings are handmade. Panels can be conceived individually, providing them with legs, structures or bases to create tables, or assembled to containers and/or other volumes. Freedom gives wings to the imagination.
See Material Selection for De Rosso HP+ and P+ finishings.

De Rosso has created its COUNTERS AND WALLS range to give designers everywhere completely free rein in the design and production of items and furnishings. Unique,
original furniture designs can be produced to the exact millimeter, with almost endless possibilities for shapes, sizes, finishes and colours. The products made are the result of
technical and manual craftsmanship with technological assistance.
See Material Selection for De Rosso HP+ and P+ finishings.

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