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Adaxite decking

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Campodarsego, Italy
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Adaxite decking

LISTOTECH® is a state-of-the-art floor and wall system suitable for outdoor applications.  Developed with an advanced production technology, Listotech® consists of linear modules in recomposed stone, shaped like typical wooden planks but able to guarantee unprecedented structural performance  (high resistance to bending, cutting, thermal variation, and loads), along with long-lasting and maintenance-free qualities. This level of performance is achieved thanks to the pre-compression technique of the modules. In fact Listotech® hides a high-tech core of pre-stressed harmonic steel cables covered in a blend of recomposed stone. While hardening, the stone holds the tension of the steel fibers that, once the modules are cut, exerts a compression strength capable of gathering and sustaining the stone mixture. Thanks to this technology a thin layer of only 30 mm is capable of reaching up to 4 meters in length, while acquiring the flexibility, the elasticity, and the flexural resistance typical of wooden, planks. The rigorous selection of the oxides in the blend guarantees compactness of the material along with trendy chromatic ranges. Listotech® is a high-tech material whose single details combine functionality and aesthetics.  Thanks to the unusual linearity of the shape, Listotech is a versatile element capable of interpreting and meeting a wide variety of project needs and requirements: from the safety in pier construction, to the minimalism of contemporary architectures.

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