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Fitted kitchen

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Tegoleto, Italy
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Fitted kitchen

Amalfi. The modernity is made by specifics.The aluminium handle included in the upper of the door, the linearity of a kitchen with groove easy to design and to use as one with the handle. Handles in several finishing from natural aluminium, to the burnished, lacquered  in the same colours of the doors, or with same shades of the doors, as real kitchen maniacs. To understand the clear and contemporary style of Amalfi you have just to get an overview. Even if the maniacal details make the difference.

Feel like you're in the city of light. Home and office living. 013 Rovere Grey; 791-P Beige Velho; 371-L Giallo Suarez.
Nowadays the kitchen is a place to eat, entertain, work and live. What used to be a room limited to preparing and eating meals, is now the prime example of a multi-purpose room, therefore no longer closed and functional, rather, open and in full view, and it is often the personality of the kitchen that sets the mood of the entire house. Amalfi Full means choosing a precise, meticulous and contemporary style, so unique and distinctive that it immediately distinguishes its inhabitants, even when they are not cooking.

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Further details
We design the kitchen system, you compose it and colour it!
Choose among our finishings, the combination possibilities are practically infinite.
We put to your disposition lots of tonalities for a wide range of materials. Wood conglomerates, wood treated to maintain its characteristic in time, high pressure Laminates, glass, steel, parapan. Even more like marble, granite, quartz and Cristalan. So, the only difficulty you will encounter with a Del Tongo kitchen, is choosing.
5 Qualities that make the difference in our Kitchens
Our kitchens are created in order to guarantee high standards of quality on every level. Regarding the technical-constructive aspects, every detail is designed to guarantee that the product is long lasting: every component is selected or created with the best condition of technical and aesthetic qualities and goes through a series of accurate inspections. These are the elements that, although they can’t be seen, make the kitchen highly reliable, with a technological and sophisticated “technical soul”: like the internal baskets, that guarantee lightness and maximum pecision; or the use of materials that can contrast the presence of humidity or possible water infiltrations. All of this is called quality. This is the quality that is, in order to protect each one of our Clients, certified by an international Institution. Del Tongo kitchens: created excepionally inside and out.
Back of the load bearing structure
The back of the load baring structure is 10 mm: it’s the highest depth of its category and it’s a great guarantee of stability.
Alluminium catenary
It’s a guarantee of high resistence and stability, as well as another sheild against any water infiltration. It’s a choice of great functionality and aesthetic pleasentness.
Storage capacity
Less obstruction and more capacity
Thanks to the new modularity of our forniture, we are able to stow in 120 cm what others stow in 180 cm. So 33% of the volume more while having the same linear measurments. Anything can be stored in the furniture of your kitchen, without enormous measures.
The right height of the levels
In recent years we have seen the growth on the medium height of people, and the increase of men that devote themselves to kitchen activities. To guarantee you the personalization and the maximum comfort of use, we dispose of different highths of baseboards (6,10,15 and 18 cm). This way you can adapt the height of the worktops according to who uses the kitchen.
Depth of the wall units
Depth of the wall units
It’s hard to find furniture deeper than ours. We build wall units with a 33,3 cm internal depth that let you store things practically and in order, like the pizza plate, wich has a 33cm diameter.

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