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Fitted kitchen

KS is a project that combines the creative thoughts of Giulio Cappellini and Alfonso Arosio with the know- how and industrialisation of the Del Tongo company.
The creative process took place with many second thoughts, we approached the project starting from a vision that at times we are not used to considering while designing a kitchen. A search that starts from a broader context around the central core of the theme, because we see the project as the result of a natural evolution. Starting right from the essence of things, eliminating the unnecessary, the KS project materialises by subtracting and not overlapping. We believe that today the ideal kitchen has different characteristics compared to the past: the picture that emerges is that of a simple, quiet and cosy place, what people call ‘a kitchen suited to their lifestyle’. And that is why we are presenting three different kitchen solutions in terms of type, composition, materials and colours.

Preparing, cooking and eating. Each of these functions can be separated from the kitchen unit, equipped and suspended. The inclusion of the activity identifies the operational area. The snack table features the irregularity of a natural island and floats on the work top. The wooden handle
has a secure but slender grip, essential but not trivial, simple but full of materiality.

Each element has its own function, type and material, the aggregation of multiple functions determines the central work top. Everything is at hand, interacting and sharing without leaving the eating place. The work top consists of horizontal functions, with a vertical development of elements that disarrange the classical harmony, suggesting new identities. The handle in the kitchen has always been extremely practical.

The in-line kitchen follows the architectural characteristics of the houses of all time. Often to perform small preparation activities there is the need to have an irregular terminal top. The pantry is relegated to childhood memories, it allowed you to see all the supplies at a glance. Everything in its place. The handle is there, you can see it and it is practical.

All the collections need complements. KS starts with two basic kitchen elements: tables and shelving. The table has always been the central element of the kitchen, sitting at the table is a tradition. The rectangular table features a structure and top made entirely of wood; the round table features coloured metal legs and Fenix NTM® top.
Kitchen tools and items for everyday use can be left in view and artfully arranged, so that what is used more often is at hand. The shelving is made of harmonic folded steel with lacquered shelves at different depths.

Shallow shelving gives you the possibility to store jars and small containers in a row without stacking them.

The central element of a kitchen has always been the table, sitting down to eat food is a tradition that cannot be forgotten.

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