Hot-water wall-mounted decorative radiator

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Hot-water wall-mounted decorative radiator

ECO HEAT is a radiator: a minimal and elegant steel plate, which encloses a technological heart of outstanding thermal performances. A very important and distinctive plus is to be designed for energy-efficient heating systems, which complies with the European Directive 2005/32/EC on eco-compatibility which requires the use of modern condensing boilers for new installations. These boilers, in order to function properly and to reduce energy consumption, have to work at low operating temperatures; therefore, in renovations where there is no special interventions of better thermal insulation on the building structure, condensing boilers require radiators that, ensure the thermal power required to meet the energy needs of environment, despite the low water temperature of the supply. To respond to this need arises ECO HEAT, which helps to optimize the boiler work, maximizing energy efficiency and reducing the pollutants emitted into the atmosphere.
But not only, ECO HEAT is the ideal solution for renovation and architectural restoration in the event of replacing old radiators (particularly sub-window mode). In fact, thanks to a particular heat exchanger with manifolds with double outputs which allow multiple configurations (top, bottom, on the same side, on the opposite side and inverted), it allows to replace existing radiators quickly and without building works. It may, in fact, be installed on all types of installation. Moreover, in case of cleaning or maintenance, just remove the cover and the upper grid to have immediate and easy access.
Finally, ECO HEAT enhances the strategic alliance between functionality and aesthetics that have always distinguished the entire DELTACALOR production: its clean and essential shape make it a smart object and at the same time neutral, adaptable to any environment from traditional to modern.
To ensure maximum customization, ECO HEAT is proposed in the wide choice of colors by DELTACALOR where Pastels lines, Intense, Brush, Metal and Pearl, along with white, better define the personality of the house and who lives in it.
Available in hydraulic version, it can be fitted with thermostatic valves and is available in four widths - 70, 90, 110 and 130 cm - associated with different types of exchangers: single, double or triple.
Thermal Output:
Δt50° min 670 - max 2100 (W)
Δt30° min 331 - max 1039 (W)

cm 70 x 70/90/110/130 (hxl)

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