Asbestos encapsulation treatment and product

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Sassoferrato, Italy
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Asbestos encapsulation treatment and product

Coating formulated with special plastic acrylic resins, water-based, suitable for the encapsulation of cement-asbestos (eternit) or as decoration covering for walls subjected to strong expansion (prefabricated panels) ADVANTAGES •Resistant to UV rays and to all atmospheric occurrences •During restoration phase, it is possible to work inside the building •Waterproof •Long-lasting •Easy application •Excellent elasticity both in high and low temperatures •Highly resistant to all atmospheric occurrences •Excellent capacity to reinforce and fix the asbestos fibres. USES Encapsulating paint for cement-asbestos coverings, used to prevent the rising and releasing of asbestos fibres in the air. Treatment of sheets that should be removed. APPLICATION 1.Ready to use, if necessary, dilute with water until the required density 2.Apply the product at least 12 hours after plastering of the surface 3.Use, for the first coating, products with penetrative and reinforcing capacities: •D18 for completely clean surfaces (see Primer) •Eposint, use to restore surfaces with mould (remove only rough dirt, like grass, earth, animal dung (see primer). 4. Apply two cross coats of Verplast. The final thickness of Verplast must not be less than 1 mm to allow the formation of an elastic film and take care to avoid breaks caused by imperfections on the surface TECHNICAL DATA Aspect semi-dense Expansion -20°C - 177% / +20°C - 300% Permeability to water steam 30 g/Mq/24 h Waterproofing waterproof Solid content 68% YIELD Kg/Mq 0,8-1. COLOUR White, grey, red and green. By request for minimal quantities of Kg 500 PACKAGING Plastic pail of Kg 20 STORAGE Store the product in temperatures between +5°C and + 35°C Use by: 24 mouths. POINTERS •Wash tools with water •Drying time at 15°C is 2 hours •Drying time at 10°C is 4 hours •During the application the temperature must be between + 5°C to + 35°C •Wear protective clothing when handling the product

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