Cement-based waterproofing coating

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Sassoferrato, Italy
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Cement-based waterproofing coating

Liquid, bi-component waterproofing membrane, water-based, formulated with acrylic resin and cement, to be used during winter period with low temperature. resistant to standing water, to UV-rays, to low and high temperatures and to continuous freezing/defrosting cycles. suitable to waterproof terraces, flat roofs, walkable, parking areas, swimming pool, cisterns, foundations, flashings, expansion joints and to restore old bituminous membranes (coupling with floorgum primer). ADVANTAGES • fast application • it is waterproofing even when applied in thin layers • apply on existing flooring • effective on damaged surfaces • tiles can be applied directly onto acriflex Winter with a good external adhesive. • it can be made suitable for walking on with floorgum (see technical sheet) or suitable for vehicles with floorgum tyre (see technical sheet) • it can be applied during winter (until +5°c). in lower temperatures we recommend acriflex Winter 0°c • no problem with rain when dry on surface (between 30 and 180 minutes) kg/mq 2 (on surfaces without net). kg/mq 2,5 (integrated system with Polites). USES Waterproofing of terraces, normal and flat roofs, with Polites (integrated system), expansion joints with Safety Joint Roll, waterproofing of flashing, foundations, cisterns and restoration of old bituminous membranes coupling with Floorgum Primer. Ideal for the vertical application of foundations in presence of underground water. APPLICATION 1. Clean with care the surface from dust. With tiles or a slightly humid base, apply Grip Primer (for a steam barrier apply two coats with at least 500 g/mq of product). 2. Waterproof vertical joints with Safety Joint Roll (Elastic Band - Safe Joint), soaked with Acriflex Winter, spread by brush (see Safety Joint Roll) creating a sort of tank. 3. Lay down Polites on the surface, taking care to maintain a 3 cm overlap on the joints. Polites must not show points of no adhesion. 4. Mix well the two components. Use a professional mixer with at least 1000 W power and 450 revolutions per minute. We recommend to dilute the first coat with 5-10% of water (diretly into Part A, before mix it with Part B), to allow the product to filter inside the floor. Apply the product by brush, roller or air-gun. 5. Apply a second coat of Acriflex Winter (dilute Part Awith 1-2% of water before mix it with Part B), taking care to perfectly cover the net and to create holes on the surface. 6. Waterproofing of structural joints can be done with Safety- Joint Roll, elastic strip (see Safety- Joint Roll). 7. The product dry in about 4 hours in a temperature of +20°C. TECHNICAL DATA Aspect Grey semi-dense Impermeability to water (according to EN 12390-8) 9,5 ATM (waterproof) Impermeability to water with negative counthertrust 5 ATM ( waterproof) Punching resistance 7 kg =68,7N (resistant) Crack bridging ability 3,2 mm Resistance to weathering test 2000 hours Elongation after 1000 hours of accelerated weathering 107% Flexibility with cold - 26°C (flexible) Elongation 196% Maximum time of premixed product application (A+B) 2 hours Adherence to the bse prepared with Grip Primer 650 N/m Resistance after 50 cycles of freezing/defrosting (-15°C /+15°C) (UNI EN 202) Inaltered YIELD kg/mq 2 (on surfaces without net). kg/mq 2,5 (integrated system with Polites). COLOUR Grey. PACKAGING N.2 pails total weight kg 25. (Part A = kg 17 + Part B = kg 8). STORAGE Keep the product in the dark in temperatures between +5°C and + 35°C. Use by: 12 months EN 202) Inaltered

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