Cement-based waterproofing product

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Cement-based waterproofing product

Waterproofing liquid and acrylic membrane, water-based, resistant to UV-rays and to high and low temperatures. thanks to its elasticity, it is suitable for any ground settling and thermal expansion done to thermal stress. suitable to waterproof terraces, roofs, flashing, sloping surfaces, shower trays and bathrooms. available in various colors. ADVANTAGES • Quick application • it waterproofs even with the application of small amounts of product • excellent adhesion on surfaces made of concrete, bricks, stones, provided that stable and suitably clean. • it can be applied on the existing floor, after a primer application (see grip primer). • effective on damage surfaces • tiles can be glued directly with a good external adhesive • can be made suitable for pedestrians or cars by using floorgum or floorgum tyre • Very elastic USES To waterproof sliding surfaces, shower trays, bathrooms and anywhere is necessary to apply tiles or synthetic coatings directly on the product. APPLICATION Ready to use, if needed dilute with no more than 5% of water. 1. The surface to waterproof must be clean, perfectly dry, stable with the right slopes. 2. Lay down Polites over the surface taking care that in the joints the net must have 3 cm of overlap. Polites must not show (crumpling, or bubbles). 3. We recommend to apply two coats of product. 4. It can be applied by brush, roller or water-spray brush. 12 hours is the complete drying time at +20°C Before applying the product on the flat roofs, all the rusted parts must be converted (see Rust Converter), then apply a coat of solvent primer (see Eposint). Terraces and rooves waterproofing 1. Clean up and dry the surface. If needed, repair any holes with cement. 2. If the surface is dusty or smooth (tiles), apply a primer (see Grip Primer). 3. Lay down the Polites over the surface; in the joints the net must have 3 cm of overlap. 4. Apply two coats of Acriflex until the Polites is completely covered. TECHNICAL DATA Aspect Semi-dense Impermeability to water 1,5 bar (waterproof) Resistance to punching 7kg = 68,7N (resistant) Resistance to UV Rays 1000 hours without remarkable changes Crack bridging ability 2,5 mm Resistance to weathering test 2000 hours without remarkable changes Elongation after 1000 hours of weathering test 98% Flexibility with cold -10°C (flexible) Elongation 7 days after the application 300% YIELD kg/mq 2,0. kg/mq 2,5-3 if applied with Polites (integrated system). COLOUR Grey, red, green, white. PACKAGING Plastic bucket kg 5, kg 10 and kg 25. STORAGE Keep the product in the dark in temperaturesbetween +5°C and +35°C. Use by: 12 months

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