Cement-based waterproofing product

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Sassoferrato, Italy
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Cement-based waterproofing product

Water-based filler formulated with plastic acrylic resin, suitable to fill up expansion joints, to repair torn synthetic membranes, to join prefabricated panels. ideal to waterproof all difficult points. ADVANTAGES • Quick application • it waterproofs even with a small amounts of product • excellent adhesion on surfaces made of concrete, bricks, stones, provided that stable and suitably clean. • effective on damaged surfaces • Multipurpose • Very elastic USES It can be used to seal the lacerations of synthetic membranes, broken roof tiles, joints, repair holes of flat rooves, to close the intersections of the prefabricated panels. In all joints that need an elastic waterproofing (television aerial, etc.) APPLICATION Ready to use. 1. Before the application, verify that the surface to seal is clean, perfectly dry, with no humidity rising (see Grip Primer). 2. The thickness of each coat of product must be 5 mm. 3. In order to obtain a thickness higher than 5 mm, it is necessary to repeat the operation every time the product dries. 4. It is better to apply two coats of product. 5. The total drying time is 12 hours at +20°C. TECHNICAL DATA Aspect Dense Impermeability to water Waterproof Resistance to punching 7 kg = 68,7N (resistant) Resistance to UV-rays 1000 hours (without remarkable changes) Flexibility with cold - 10°C (flexible) Elongation 500% YIELD To consume. COLOUR Grey and red. PACKAGING Plastic bucket kg 5, kg 25. STORAGE Keep the product in temperatures higher than +5°C.

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Further details
Pronto all’uso.
1. Prima dell’applicazione verificare che la parete da stuccare sia pulita, completamente asciutta e non presenti risalita di umidità (vedi Grip Primer).
2. Lo spessore che si può applicare in una sola mano è di 5 mm.
3. Per ottenere una stuccatura di spessore superiore ai 5 mm l’operazione va ripetuta ogni volta che il prodotto è essiccato.
4. È consigliabile eseguire l’applicazione a spessore in due mani.
5. Il tempo di essiccazione totale a +20°C è di 12 ore.
• Applicazione veloce
• Consente di impermeabilizzare applicando piccoli spessori
• Eccellente adesione su tutte le superfici in calcestruzzo, mattoni, pietra purché solide e adeguatamente pulite
• Efficace su superfici lesionate
• Estremamente versatile
• Altamente elastico
Dati Fisici/Tecnici
Aspetto Denso
Impermeabilità all’acqua (secondo UNI EN 12390-8) Impermeabile
Resistenza a punzonamento kg 7 = 68,7N (resistente)
Resistenza ai raggi UV 1000 ore (senza evidenti variazioni)
Flessibilità a freddo -10°C (flessibile)
Allungamento 500%

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