Cement-based waterproofing product

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Sassoferrato, Italy
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Cement-based waterproofing product

Multipurpose epoxy-cement waterproofing coating. It is formulated with a special epoxy resin (Part A), a catalyst (Part B) and special cement (Part C). ADVANTAGES • do-it-yourself (in cases of mild humidity in foundation) • Multipurpose • resistant up to 9,5 atM of negative counterthrust pressure • resistant up to 9,5 atM atm of positive pressure • adhesion on any kinds of surface USES • It acts as an osmotic cement when used to restore humid walls, as an anti-salt barrier in the dehumidification system (consult our technical office for information on the anti-humidity system). • It acts as waterproofing coating to eliminate water infiltration both with negative counterthrust (up to 3 atm of pressure) and with positive pressure, to seal canalisations, elevators pits and floors. • To prevent rising damp on the external walls in contact with pavements, garages, etc. • To waterproof underground foundations and floors with a high level of humidity. APPLICATION MORTAR SETTING The surface must to be prepared in a correct way. The base must be solid, mechanically resistant, perfectly clean, dry on surface and without fragmented parts. In the case of new cement base, this must be fully set and stable. Old clay or marble-chip floor tile floorings, must be attached to the base without traces of substances such as oils, wax, etc. Remove the three components from the bucket: 1. Open the epoxy mortar and pour it into the bucket. 2. Open the cement, pour it into the bucket and mix it. 3. Open the catalyst, pour it into the bucket and mix all the paste perfectly. 4. Add water in the amount of: 20% of WETstop’s if applied by brush. 40% of WETstop’s if applied by paint brush. APPLICATION AS ANTI-SALT OSMOTIC CEMENT 1. The surface to treat must be at least 70 cm above the highest humidity line. 2. Prepare the surface, eliminating old paint, fragmented parts, grease, oils, chemical products, cement flakes. In case of fragmented surface you must take the flash off till obtain a suitable base. 3. Before applying WETstop, wet the surface with a sponge soaked in water to remove the dust. Apply with brush a WETstop coat, being sure to totally cover the surface. Apply, if necessary, a cement smoother as putty. 4. Paint the surface 48 hours after the smoother application. 5. Apply WETstop as waterproofing coating for barthrooms, showers, basins. Tiles can be glued directly onto WETstop within 2 days. TECHNICAL DATA Aspect Black semi-liquid Waterproofing 9.5 ATM UNI EN 12039-8) 9,5 ATM with counterthrust Resistance to salt Optimal Resistance to solvents Not resistant Resistance to organic acids Not resistant Resistance to inorganic acids with 5% concentration Not good Application temperature +5°C / +35°C Paste lasting 2 hours at 20°C Resistance to weathering test 2 000 hours withou remarkable changes After 50 cycles freezing/defrosting (-15°C/+15°C) (UNI EN 202) Inaltered YIELD kg/mq 1-1,2 as anti-salt osmotic. kg/mq 2-2,5 as waterproofing with a negative counterthrust. PACKAGING Metal can of kg 5. Plastic pail of kg 7 and kg 13. STORAGE Store the product in the dark in temperatures between 5°C and +35°C. Use by: 12 months.

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