In situ liquid membrane

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Sassoferrato, Italy
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In situ liquid membrane

External coating formulated with special synthetic water-based resins. ready to use, and so viscous as to allow an easy application on horizontal, vertical and sloping surfaces. ADVANTAGES • easy to apply • excellent elasticity both with high and low temperatures • excellent adherence • totally waterproof • excellent resistance to all atmospheric occurrences USES UV resistance for expanded polyurethane and bituminous membranes. APPLICATION Ready to use. If needed dilute with maximum 5% of water. • Clean the base of mould, parts, smog residuals, oils or greases by washing, mechanical brushing or water jets. If needed apply a primer as Eposint or Floorgum Primer. • Apply by roller or airgun at 100 atm of pressure. Drying time is about 4 hours. TECHNICAL DATA Aspect Semi-dense Elongation 20°C 177% - 0°C 322% - 23°C 182% Permeability to water steam 30g/mq/24h Waterproofing (7 atm) (UNI 8202/21) Waterproof Application temperature +10°C - +35°C UV Resistance 1000 hours without remarkable changes Resistance to Weathering test 2000 hours without remarkable changes After 50 cycles of freezing/defrosting (-15°C +15°C) (UNI EN 202) Inaltered YIELD kg/mq 0,8 -1,0 depending on the required thickness. COLOUR White, grey, red, green. PACKAGING Plastic pail of kg 20. STORAGE Store the product in temperatures between +5°C and + 35°C. Use by: 24 mouths.

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Further details
Pronto all’uso. 
Eventualmente diluire con un massimo del 5% d’acqua.
• Pulire il supporto da muffe, parti disgregate, residui di smog, oli o sostanze grasse con lavaggio, spazzolatura meccanica e getti d’acqua. Eventualmente applicare un primer come Eposint (se la guaina non è ossidata) o Floorgum Primer (se la guaina è completamente ossidata).
• Applicare a rullo o airless a 100 atm di pressione. Il tempo di essiccazione è di circa 4 ore.
• Di facile applicazione
• Ottima elasticità sia alle alte che alle basse temperature
• Ottimo aggrappaggio
• Totale impermeabilità
• Ottima resistenza a tutti gli agenti atmosferici
Dati Fisici/ Tecnici
Aspetto Semidenso
Allungamento 20°C 177% - 0°C 322% - 23°C 182%
Permeabilità al vapore acqueo 30 gr/mq 24h
Impermeabilità all’acqua (7 atm) (UNI 8202/21) Impermeabile
Temperatura di applicazione +10°C - +35°C
Resistenza ai raggi UV 1000 ore senza evidenti variazioni
Resistenza weathering test 2000 ore senza evidenti variazioni
Dopo 50 cicli di gelo-disgelo (-15°C +15°C) (UNI EN 202) Inalterato

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