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Sassoferrato, Italy
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Primer to improve the adherence. Ready to use, with granular inert. Its dry film gives a good adherence also on very smooth or waterproof mineral bases. ADVANTAGES • Easy and quick application (only one coat) • Multipurpose • Excellent anchorage • Quick drying • Ready to use (inerts are perfectly solved) USES Improve the anchorage onto any smooth surface ( wood, gypsum, metal, ceramica, etc.), plasters, smoothers and restorating mortars. It can be applied both inside and outside, onto prefabricated cement and plasterboard panels, onto arleady painted or soaked surfaces. APPLICATION 1. Clean up perfectly the surface to cover, removing friable parts. 2. Dilute AquaBond with at most 5% water depending on the absorbing power of the base. 3. Apply one or two coat of AquaBond by brush or roller on the whole surface to plaster. 4. Apply the plaster when AquaBond is completely dry. Apply the plaster within 30 days of the application of AquaBond. TECHNICAL DATA Aspect semi-dense Drying time at 15°C 30 minutes Working time + 5°C / +35°C Tear resistance (plaster) 700N/m Resistance to 1000 hours of Weathering No changes Fire Resistance Not inflammable After 50 cycles freezing/defrosting (-15°C / +15°C) (UNI EN 202) Inaltered YIELD Depending on the absorption level of the base Kg/m² 0,25 – 0,40 COLOUR Water green PACKAGING Plastic pail Kg 5 and Kg 20 STORAGE Store the product in the dark in temperatures between + 5°C and + 35°C. Use by: 12 months

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