Recycled fabric sound insulation panel

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Sassoferrato, Italy
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Recycled fabric sound insulation panel


Recycled Fabric

Natural insulating panel, made from fabrics recycled from textile productive cycles and polyester, threedimensionally thermally fixed, without weaving. Available as handy felt rolls with various thicknesses from 20 Kg/mc to 30 Kg/mc and as panels with higher density, up to 40 Kg/mc. With no polluting additives. Easy to use again, so completely recyclable when dismantled. ADVANTAGES • Insulation against cold and warmth • Allows air flow • Sound-proofing • Sound- absorbing • Resistant • No need of moth-repellent treatment • Natural and eco-friendly product USES FiberTex Pan solves all problems of thermal and acoustic insulation both on walls or as roofs insulation, and floating floorings or false ceilings. To replace mineral wool or polystyrene panels. APPLICATION FiberTex Pan is a product easy and quick to apply, with no need of different devises from the application of other insulating panels. It is not necessary to be cutthanks to its feature to easily compress, speeding up the application. If needed the panel can be cut with scissor or knife; it does not release any powder. Suitable also where a non-toxic and a non-powdery product is necessary, especially if applied under a floating floor or a double false ceiling. Panels with density equal or higher then 40 kg/mc can stand up without the strictly need of glue or plug TECHNICAL DATA Thermal Conductivity λ 0,040 W/m.K Resistance to water steam spread µ = 1,7 UNI EN 12086 Sound-absorption α 65 % Soundproofing Rw 64dB (wallboard on perforated brick) Rw 60 dB (interspaces between perforated brick and brick) Resistance to fire Class B -2 according to DIN4102 Standard density Panels 40 kg/mc – Rolls 20 kg/mc Warmth reaction Stable till 250°C Absorption humidity Kg/ m² 0,130 UNI EN 1609 Resistance to tensile stress MN/mc 6,1 UNI EN 29052 - 1 Moth-repellent treatment Not necessary YIELD 1 panel 0,84 mq/1,68 mq SIZE Rolls: length 5÷25 depending on thicknesses Panels: 60 x 140 cm / 120 x 140 cm THICKNESS 20 - 30 – 40 – 50 – 60 – 80 – 100 – 120 -140 mm STORAGE Unlimited. Store under cover

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Fibertex Collection by DIASEN
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