Skim coat and cementitious finish for plaster

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Sassoferrato, Italy
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Skim coat and cementitious finish for plaster

Smoothing coating. perfect to finish the plaster, also using a sponge, with a medium granulosity visible. ADVANTAGES Breathing USES Smoother for surfaces plastered with Diathonite, new and old plasters, walls and ceilings of rooms; applicable inside and outside. Especially suitable when a finishing with a medium granulosity is required. Usable on all kinds of base, whose nature (absorption of water, roughness, homogeneity, presence of fissures) does not allows the direct spreading of a finishing product. Never apply onto gypsum or scagliola plasters, those products are not compatible. APPLICATION 1. Be sure the surface to treat is clean, with no dust or substancies that prevent the finishing to adhere. In this case apply DiaSen Primer. We the surfaec, especially during warm months. 2. Mix with about 25-30% of water and spread by trowel, drawing the product as much as possible. Be sure the paste does not show lumps or dry parts. 3. When the first coat is dry and the first smoothing coating is still humid, proceed with the finally smoothing coating. If this second coat is applied some days later the first, wet the surface. The maximum thickness of each coat is 3 mm. The maximum thickness to apply is 5 mm. With very irregular bases, we recommend to use Argacem HP (smoother). TECHNICAL DATA Aspect white powder Temperature of application +5°C/+35°C Medium resistance to compression after 28 days 2,3 N/mm² Medium resistance to flexion before 28 days 0,85 N/mm² Initial setting time (high transpiration) μ = 7 Fire Resistance Class 1 YIELD 1,7 Kg/m² per each cm of thickness PACKAGING Paper bag Kg 25 on pallet of Kg 1400. STORAGE Argacem should be conserved in the dry in temperatures between +5°C and +35°C for a maximum period of four months.

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Argacem Collection by DIASEN
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