Surface water-repellent product

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Surface water-repellent product

Colourless coating, solvent siloxane based, it can be used to protect absorbing walls made of tiles, stone, cement etc. from water rain infiltrations. it does not alter the colour of the wall, it protects from ice and it stops humidity penetrating; it allows the evaporation of water inside wallings and deeply permeations also on slightly humid materials. ADVANTAGES • do-it-yourself • long-lasting water-repellent • permeable to water steam USES Water-repellent impregnation into mineral- based building materials. With a low molecular weight, BBK penetrates well and allows a very deep permeation. The permeation is invisible, very stable to limestone, permeable to steam. Preliminary treatment against carbonation of concrete on façades. Water-repellent and colourless shield for historic buildings or with particular architectural value. Water-repellent treatment for walls and bricks on façades, natural stones or not glazing baked clay. APPLICATION Ready to use 1. Clean up accurately the surface to treat. With old surfaces, the kind of washing depends on the kind of dirt; generally washing with cold water is sufficient. Without dirt, wash well with broom and dust with air. With oil is necessary a steam or hot water washing. The surface should be dry. 2. If necessary close up any leaks with a cement-based putty. 3. Apply a first abundant coat by brush or spray to assure the total covering of the surface. 4. Apply a uniform second coat even if the first one is not yet completely dry. 5. Repeat the application until saturation. For a complete permeation apply 2-3 coats at a distance o 2 hours one from an other. 6.You will obtain the best impregnating effect when the base is very dry and absorbent TECHNICAL DATA Aspect Transparent liquid Odour Solvent UV-Rays resistance 1000 hours without remarkable changes Wearthering test resistance 2000 hours without remarkable changes Inflammability Inflammable Steam permeability (High transpiration) μ =7 YIELD Bricks: lt/m² 0,3-0,4. Stones: lt/ m² 0,4 - 0,7. PACKAGING Metal can lt 5 and lt 25. STORAGE Store the product in the dark. Use by: 24 months. Do not expose to ice.

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Further details
Pronto all’uso.
1. Pulire accuratamente la superficie da trattare. La scelta della modalità di pulitura del supporto nel caso di superfici vecchie, dipende dal tipo di situazione; generalmente il lavaggio con acqua fredda risulta essere sufficiente. In assenza di sporco pulire accuratamente con ramazza e depolverizzare con aria. In presenza di oli o grassi si rende necessaria una pulitura con acqua calda o vapore. La superficie deve essere visivamente asciutta.
2. Riempire le fughe lesionate con uno stucco a base cemento.
3. Applicare a pennello o a spruzzo, in modo abbondante, una prima mano assicurando la totale copertura della superficie.
4. Applicare una seconda mano in modo uniforme anche se la prima non è completamente asciutta.
5. Protrarre l’applicazione fino a saturazione. Generalmente per una completa impregnazione sono sufficienti 2-3 mani applicate a distanza di circa 2 ore l’una dall’altra.
6. Il miglior effetto impregnante lo si ottiene su fondo ben asciutto e assorbente.
• Fai da te
• Idrorepellenza duratura
• Permeabilità al vapore acqueo
Dati Fisici/Tecnici
Aspetto: Liquido trasparente
Odore: Solvente
Resistenza ai raggi UV: 1000 ore senza evidenti variazioni
Resistenza al weathering test: 2000 ore senza evidenti variazioni
Infiammabilità: Infiammabile
Permeabilità a vapore (Altamente traspirante) m = 7

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