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Waterproofing film

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Sassoferrato, Italy
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O.R.A. Antipioggia


Waterproofing film

Anti--rain water-repellent Transparent coating useful for making paved surfaces waterproof. it also helps to stop water infiltrations, acids, steams, oils and moulds between bricks, tiles, etc. it is suitable for all the areas exposed to the weather (terraces, cement tiles, walkable areas). it can be used either during the winter or the summer. the product levels in a uniform way. USES • Water and oil-repellent protection • Shield against infiltation for already paved surfaces. • Anti-oil treatment for work tops in kitchens • If applied on the par of plaster in contact with the floor, the product stop the water rising. • It stops water rising if applied on the part of plastering in contact with a self-blocking paved surface • Against infiltrations, mould and powder • Stop the grease, acid and salt to penetrate • It allows for an easy cleaning of treated surfaces APPLICATION Ready to use. Mix very well. Short hardening time. Complete hardening requires 12 hours. It can be applied again even a few hours later in order to ensure a perfect permeation, with a low product yield. It is not necessary to repeat the treatment some years later as the product does not deteriorate with time. The product is not suitable for treating polished and shiny materials. 1. The surface must not be in such a condition as to let water stagnate. 2. Clean and grease the surface. 3. Apply the product on a perfectly dry surface. 4. Fill any leaks where necessary with the correct filler. 5. Apply a first coat with a wide brush and with a smooth roller to ensure the complete covering of the surface and a minimum visible thickness. 6. 4 hours later, apply a second coat in order to ensure a perfect waterproofing. TECHNICAL DATA Aspect Transparent liquid Odour Solvent UV-Rays resistance 1000 hours without remarkable changes Resistance to weathering test 2000 hours without remarkable changes Superficial drying 1 hour Inflammability Inflammable YIELD lt/mq 0,350. PACKAGING Metal can of lt 5 and lt 25. STORAGE Store the product in the dark. Use by: 12 months.

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