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DiemmebiS’MESH SOFT | Polypropylene chair

Chair 4 legs

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Vittorio Veneto, Italy
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S’MESH SOFT | Polypropylene chair
Chair 4 legs

S'mesh was conceived as a visitor and meeting chair for office environments. Its frame is made of steel wire while the seat and the backrest are made from injection-molded polypropylene. The structure embraces the seat and the backrest, holding them firmly together without the use of screws, thanks to a patented interlocking system.
The S'mesh backrest was created using a complex system of bends and counter-bends which ensures tension in the fabric so that it adapts ergonomically to the user's back. This system enables the reduction of production costs and facilitates dismantling of the individual parts at the end of the product life thereby facilitating recycling of the materials.
S'mesh is a chair for the community designed to be stacked by up to 40 items and is available in many variations: chair or stool, fixed or on wheels, with and without armrests, with writing desk, in the typing version and in the on bench version. The S'mesh materials and forms were designed to give lightness and evanescence to a solid chair that has passed all the certification tests required for seats intended to be used in areas open to the public.
Design, ergonomics and price: this is the formula that has made S'mesh a commercial success already in its first year of life, quickly achieving worldwide distribution coverage.

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