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Freestanding aluminium pergola with adjustable louvers

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Modugno, Italy
Name of product/article
Freestanding aluminium pergola with adjustable louvers
extruded aluminium
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BIOSHADE AUTOPORTANTE is the flat shading pergola bioclimatic, using natural resources to reduce power consumption and meet wellbeing of the users, is the highest expression of bioclimatic architecture, with the function to thermally insulate the room, creating a barrier to incoming heat
This project satisfy a maeditate choice of style and functionality, combining lightness, aesthetics and innovation.
It is custom-made, all-aluminum, allows natural ventilation, protection from direct sunshine reduce the incoming heat, grant light to enter and thanks to the innovative design, allows you to shield from rain, fit all climatic conditions, with the use of renewable and inexhaustible energy... sun, wind, water and air, develops high performance in terms of energy savings.
BIOSHADE AUTOPORTANTE flat pergola blades are the result of careful design study, equipped with a seal gasket to prevent rainwater infiltration, excellent protection from rain. The buil-in perimeter gutter allows the rainwater channeling directly into the pillars, pre-arranged to be quickly and easily set the LED lighting system.
The orientation opening till 110° via electronic motor, the maximum coverage area 8 meters wide by 6 meter projection, it is a modulat pergola, additional modules can be added both side, lateral and frontal.

Further info from manufacturer on BIOSHADE ISOLA

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