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dnd by MartinelliINTAKE

Brass door handle

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dnd by Martinelli

Casto, Italy
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Brass door handle
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Intakes are mechanical apparatus that are anonymously and yet beautifully shaped by fluid-dynamic efficiency and harmony. They restrain the transition of a fluid, symbolizing the sensual transition from exterior to the interior, from solid, bright matter to impalpable void.INTAKE shifts the conventional door handle concept, where here the hand gradually pervades the void, connects with the mass and gently discovers the opening mechanism.The purity and integrity generated by the solid mass of the cuboid volume is gently, almost anatomically deformed only where the hand touches and presses against the handle.In architecture, like on cars, door handles are the first part of the building that is touched by the visitor. INTAKE wants to enhance the tangible experience of physically relating to the building through its surface, mass and weight.

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