Electro-physical Drying System

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Legnano, Italy
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CNT® Domodry®


Electro-physical Drying System

The Domodry® electrophysical technology is the final solution to the problem of capillary rising damp.Domodry® is a non-invasive, totally biocompatible system that can be applied on any type of structure affected by rising damp, and the absolute result is guaranteed and will last forever.The system acts by means of a small unit (approximately 28 x 17 x 6 cm) mounted inside the building and plugged into a domestic power socket.Once it is turned on, Domodry® neutralizes the electric charge of the water present in the ground in contact with the masonry, thus interrupting the rise of new water through the capillaries of the wall [2].The excess moisture will then be gradually expelled through spontaneous evaporation, at a faster or slower rate depending on the constructive characteristics of the wall, the amount of water initially present in the wall itself and the weather conditions at the site.On completion of the dehumidification process, it will be sufficient to leave the Domodry® system on so as to assure that the state of equilibrium (natural hygroscopic moisture) reached by the masonry is permanently maintained, thanks to the preventive anti-rise action performed by the system itself.

Further details
Characteristics of the electrophysical unit and rating
- Unit name: Domodry® mod. LS-R06/08/10/12/15;
- UIBM Patent No. 0001391107; EPO Application no. 9167412; US Patent - Application no. 13/029,053;
- Dimensions (in mm): 280x170x60;
- Power supply: 220 V - 50 HZ;
- Power consumption: 3 Watt;
- Back-up batteries (AA) – min. consecutive duration: 3 days;
- Radius of operation: from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 15 m depending on the model;
- Protection rating: IP43 as per CEI EN 60529 (1997) – A1(2000);
- Compliant with electrical safety standard CEI EN 60335-1 (2008);
- Compliant with UE and Italian standards governing electromagnetic compatibility: Directive 89/336/EEC, Law no. 36 dated 22/02/2001, D.P.C.M. 8/07/2003, CEI EN 55014-1 (2008), CEI EN 55014-2 (1998) + A1 (2002) + A2 (2009);
- Compliant with CEI EN 62233 (2009) “Methods for measuring electromagnetic fields of household electrical appliances and similar items with reference to human exposure (as outlined in the certificate issued by Istituto Giordano di Rim

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