DORTHZ PROTEC ANTI-SLIP | Anti-slip flooring

Anti-slip indoor/outdoor flooring

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Clermont-Ferrand, France
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PROTEC ANTI-SLIP | Anti-slip flooring


Anti-slip indoor/outdoor flooring

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All anti-slip products currently on the market depend on varying concentrations of hydrofluoric acid as their essential component. This component is an extremely corrosive acid that acts by destroying the silica. All generally slippery materials are inorganic materials containing greater or lesser amounts of silica, which takes the form of crystals.
PROTEC ANTI-SLIP is a revolutionary product which also makes use of the silica contained in the materials but which uses a chemical reaction to effectively graft new molecules onto the substrate molecules. This creates a non-slip action that is not only more effective and longer-lasting but leaves the substrate practically unchanged.

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