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Additive for permeable concrete

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Arquata Scrivia, Italy
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Additive for permeable concrete

Drenatech® AD is an additive, specifically formulated for draining/permeable concrete, ideal as subfloor for Drenatech® or directly as a floor. The addition of pigments to the mixture gives the product the desired colour, everlasting and homogeneous both on the surface and in all its thickness. The product can be used as draining screed in case of cycling paths, garden paths, squares, roads and in all places with environmental or landscape limits.

- resistant to heavy loads and carriageable up to 7,5 ton
- always dry thanks to the permeability of 500  l/m2/min
- resistant to chemical agents and to ice
- durable thanks to the high quality of its raw materials and to the experience of the R&D Department of Lechner company
- allows heat dispersion thanks to its porous aspect which makes it suitable to be walked barefoot (pool edgings)
- easy to clean with a pressure washer
- suitable for wheel chairs, strollers, shoes with heels, skateboards, roller-skates
- inert material without any release of substances in the environment
- respect the hydrological cycle, it doesn’t depletes aquifers and avoids localized overload of water
- reduces cementification of the territory and it saves money because it does not require a water canalisation system

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