DSG Ceramiche OUTDOOR 24 mm

Porcelain stoneware outdoor floor tiles

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Borso del Grappa, Italy
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Porcelain stoneware outdoor floor tiles


Porcelain stoneware

The strength of 2 12mm thick tiles glued together with a two- components glue grants a modulus of rupture of 18.140 Kgf, where law prescriptions are of at least 1.300. ≠24mm is frostresistant, has a very high breakage load. ≠24mm does not change and lasts over time in any climatic conditions, characteristics that are a must for outdoor floor coverings.
The flooring can be done using different techniques, accor- ding to the kind of surface. the porcelain stoneware slabs, can be laid, using a dry installation system, directly onto gravel or sand substrates as well as with raised installation or gluing. raised installation is made with a support structure made of polypropylene, prefabricated, load-bearing mo- dules, which can be fix, adjustable and self levelling. they have a minimum height of 37,5mm and a maximum height of 230mm. the raised installation allows for easy inspection of underlying cabling and circuits without the need for burden- some work.
≠24mm raised floor is the best solution for residential and commercial destinations such as balconies, paths etc., Protecting the under-space and easily allowing any kind of technical interven- tion. a 4 mm joint is requested for water drainage and installation of mixed sizes.
24 mm size, ideal for covered or uncovered patios and terra- ces, paths and walkways, pools and gardens.

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