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DtileDTILE | Hand towel dispenser

Ceramic hand towel dispenser for Dtile system

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Velp, Netherlands
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DTILE | Hand towel dispenser
Ceramic hand towel dispenser for Dtile system

Dtile is a system which allows any space, object or surface to be fully tiled. Dtile covers the surfaces in a blanket of tiles, with a single unbroken grid of tilework. Tiles are two dimensional, but the world is not. The system enables one to tile three dimensionally. One simply designs a space, object or function in a 15 by 15 by 15 grid, and the DTILE system allows one to cover it with a blanket of tiles. The system enables the user and designer, whether being architect, stylist, contractor, investor, distributor or end users to design and build a unique, made to measure special tile environment. Not just kitchens or bathrooms. But also espresso machines, car washes, woodstoves, marketplaces. 
This is possible because Dtile collection consists of flat-, construction-, and function tiles. Dtile can be used in almost any conditions – on floors or walls, inside or out, wet or dry, domestic or industrial. And where white tiles are inappropriate or undesirable, colour tiles can be used. 

Function tiles live up to their name. They integrate a function into a tile so that the tile pattern will not be disturbed by a drain plug, shelf or knife magnet. This enables us to create grids that aren't disturbed by a sink or a sink stopper, a tap, a cutting board, a wall socket, or a drawer. DTILE can incorporate any function in a tile - and we are open to suggestions to make our range of functional tiles even more versatile.

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