Ceramic wall/floor tiles

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Velp, Netherlands
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Ceramic wall/floor tiles



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DTILE is a system which allows any space, object or surface to be fully tiled. DTILE covers the surfaces in a blanket of tiles, with a single unbroken grid of tilework. Tiles are two dimensional, but the world is not. The system enables one to tile three dimensionally. One simply designs a space, object or function in a 15 by 15 by 15 grid, and the DTILE system allows one to cover it with a blanket of tiles. The system enables the user and designer, whether being architect, stylist, contractor, investor, distributor or end users to design and build a unique, made to measure special tile environment. Not just kitchens or bathrooms. But also espresso machines, car washes, woodstoves, marketplaces.
This is possible because Dtile collection consists of flat-, construction-, and function tiles. Dtile can be used in almost any conditions – on floors or walls, inside or out, wet or dry, domestic or industrial. And where white tiles are inappropriate or undesirable, colour tiles can be used.

Ceramic wall/floor tiles

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Dtile - Uses
Domestic Kitchen
Tiles are the new Stainless steel!
Easy to clean, nostalgic for the modern, and with great freedom of design. 
Think of functions, design them, and put them together.
Beware, your kitchen will last a while. Thanks to the quality of both material and aesthetics, the kitchen will survive trends and fashions.
Professional kitchens
DTILE is suitable to use in professional kitchens.
It does comply with the HACCP protocol, because the corners hardly collect dirt and are very easy to clean.
It has a proven track record and was used in the pop-up kitchen during the Eindhoven design week, a self service cafeteria at the Tilburg university and a counter in Brussels. Other projects are in progress.
Fully tiled bathrooms
There is a reason why we like tiles in our bathrooms.
This reason is mostly practical. It is perhaps the only material that ensures a watertight surface for eternity. But what if there was a system that would enable you to not only tile your floors and walls, but your your entire bathroom? And enjoy a couple of other benefits as well?
Easy to clean, there is no need for lime scale collecting corners anymore, neither caulked joints which need to be replaced every 5 years. Get rid of dangerous, skull cracking, sharp corners.
But must importantly, your bathroom will be a friendly and tactile place, tucked in, underneath a blanket of tiles.
DTILE is very well suited to tile objects with. Think of any object, and simply think of tiles next.
Restaurants and bars
Reataurants and bars choose DTILE for their aesthetic quality, durability and practicallity.
Design quality
Of course, we think our tiles are beautiful — but we are not the only ones.
Design professionals and architects across the world use Dtile because they see the fantastic opportunities for making beautiful spaces with our system. For example, Phillip Starck worked with Dtile for his restaurant “Ma Cocotte" in Paris, and Droog Design used Dtile for its “Hotel Droog” in Amsterdam.

Dtile is suitable for almost anything and applicable almost anywhere. From entire pavilions to items of furniture, from shower trays to fireplaces, from saunas to kitchen work tops. Outside or inside; on the wall or on the floor; in the home or at the workplace — anything really is possible.

Dtile is great for areas where hygiene is important.
The tiles are durable and highly scratch-resistant, so
cracks that accumulate bacteria are a thing of the
past. When used with the special grouting, the tiles
are completely waterproof — making them really easy
to clean and maintain.

Wet rooms can be dangerous places. Dtile floor tiles meet the stringent anti-slip standards, but any accidental slips will have much less dramatic consequences thanks to our rounded corners.

Financial case
While Dtile is a high quality, beautiful, practical and durable system, it also brings some financial advantages over traditional tiles. Dtile solutions can remove the need for some kitchen/ bathroom components vvhich vvould have to be purchased separately if using traditional tiles. For example, sinks, shovver trags, baths and furniture can all be replaced by Dtile. This can result in a significant saving.

Function tiles Collection by DTILE
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