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DURAVITDELOS | Bathroom mirror

Bathroom mirror

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Ravenna, Italy
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DELOS | Bathroom mirror
Bathroom mirror

In recent years, the bathroom has become increasingly important as a living area. As a trendsetter, Duravit is now setting new standards in this field: the Delos range of bathroom furniture features a reduced design but introduces a particularly comfortable atmosphere and new lightness into the bathroom. Whether bathroom, guest bathroom or cloakroom, Delos blends perfectly with its surroundings. This visual impression is due partly to the mirror, which is also fully reflective on the sides. As in all Duravit mirrors, a sensor light switch is integrated discreetly at the side. EOOS describes this all-round mirror as the “transition from materiality to magic”. The innovative, delicate light canopy that effectively conceals the individual light sources also contributes to this concept. However, thanks to its new technology, the indirect, non-glare LED light ensures optimum illumination of the face. Thanks to the greater efficiency and long service life of LED lights, Duravit not only meets the highest design requirements but it also makes an important contribution to sustainability.

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