Duravit BLUE MOON | Built-in bathtub

Built-in whirlpool bathtub

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Hornberg, Germany
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BLUE MOON | Built-in bathtub


Built-in whirlpool bathtub




he more water, the more room, the more depth…the better. With its square body and circular tub and an immersion depth of 510 mm, the elegant Blue Moon tub embodies design in its purest form. Immerse yourself completely in water coloured with light. Because only the user’s back touches the tub, a feeling of pleasant floating weightlessness takes over – and this becomes even more pronounced in the larger version of Blue Moon.

Blue Moon Bathtub square, built-in, with support frame, with overflow, 5 mm sanitary acrylic. Blue Moon is highly versatile and can be installed either free-standing, in a corner or against a wall. As to style, the bath is based on the modular system. Bathing not in a tub but in a pool. The more water, the more space, the more depth the better. With its square corpus and round tub the Blue Moon whirlpool looks like a pool; and with its water depth of 530 mm it feels like one, too – despite occupying an area of just 140 x 140 cm. Immerse yourself in water with mood-setting coloured lights; the body is completely surrounded by water with only the back touching the tub, giving a pleasant feeling of weight less ness. Bathing in a pool? Letting yourself go? Floating? Pure relaxation? It’s not easy to describe the feeling. Suffice to say that Blue Moon is a unique bathing experience.

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Blue Moon 700143 - Vasca da bagno
Caratteristiche tecniche
Dimensioni disponibili:   1400 x 1400 mm
00 Bianco (Alpin)

Blue Moon Collection by Duravit
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