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Bioethanol burner

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Bioethanol burner

EcoSmart Fire bioethanol burners are incredibly versatile. Their design is fully self-contained which makes them the perfect choice for anyone looking to create a unique fireplace design.

VB Series. Transform with ease. EcoSmart’s VB Series has been carefully and cleverly designed to facilitate the easy conversion of existing traditional fireplaces into clean-burning bioethanol fireplaces. Regardless of whether it’s an Edwardian, Federation, Art Deco or Art Nouveau fireplace, the VB2 will easily slot in. The result? Traditional fireplace, modern eco-friendly fuel.  

VB2 bioethanol burner features: 2 Litre Capacity. 

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Converting a fireplace is easy: Just place the purpose-designed stainless steel burner within the grate in the fireplace and dress around it with your chosen accessories:

• Adjustable feet that level and lift the burner to the best setting depending on the depth of the grill it’s being placed within.
• Elevated lip around the burner mouth that stops accessories from sitting over the flame or blocking the shut off procedure. This raised lip includes air holes that allows air to flow smoothly around the fuel to achieve a better flame within the setting.
• The burner has several layers of internal features that increases its efficiency including vertical baffles, aspiration vents and dense padding - all of which is dishwasher proof. The burner is built to last a lifetime.
• A simple lid that is used to extinguish the flame and cover the burner opening when it is not in use. This prevents dust particles, leaf litter, rain and debris from falling into the 304 grade stainless steel tank, leaving it clean and safe for use year round.
• A designated, inbuilt filling point to ensure the same procedures can be followed to decrease the likelihood of overfilling.
• Operational accessories designed for safe and ergonomic fire ignition and extinguishing. VB’s minimalist design and ability to withstand extreme heat result in consistent and reliable operation at all temperatures and permitted fuel levels.
• Finished in black super high temperature powerdercoat, the VB2 holds 2 litres of bioethanol and burns for up to six hours.
L (mm): 330
W (mm): 110
D (mm): 112.5

Bioethanol Burners Collection by EcoSmart Fire
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