Cork Natural insulating felt and panel for sustainable building

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Guspini, Italy
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Cork Natural insulating felt and panel for sustainable building



Thermal acoustic hygrometric insulation panel, 100% compressed blond raw cork, with a high density and vegetable based binders, and containing a certain amount of cork recycled as a secondary raw material. Industrial production from locally grown raw materials and with local partners. Renewable raw material. No toasting. No tree cutting.. The world's first and only raw cork panel to be ICEA (Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute) certified.  Recyclable and reusable.

APPLICATIONS Suitable for roof, attic and floor insulation in low-energy buildings. It is installed over a dedicated air barrier on dividing and perimeter walls, on roofs, in internal sheathing, on subfloors of terraces and dwelling floors, and in stairwells.

Excellent thermal, hygrometric and acoustic insulation. Perfect for maximising energy efficiency, for acoustic correction, and for protection from stamping or more distant sounds, like airplane noise. It ensures a healthy environment and prevents condensation.

Density ρ [kg/m3]                                                            180 kg/mc +/-10
Available thicknesses                                                      4-5- 6- 8- 10 -20 cm(others on demand)
Declared thermal conductivity [W/(mK)]                      0,042
Tested thermal conductivity [W/(mK)]                          0,039
Specific heat capacity by mass c [J/(kgK)]                     2,1 kJ/kg K
Water vapour permeability μ                                         7
Reaction to fire                                                                 Classe 2 - Euroclasse E
Compression resistance (deformation 1 mm)                                0,30 kg/cm2
Putrescibility                                                                      Zero
Vulnerability to insect and rodent attacks                    Zero
Resistance in time and ageing stability                         Unlimited
Sound absorption                                                             0.20*0.85 (125*8000 Hz)
Dynamic stiffness in 3 cm thickness:                             s’ = 23MN/m3
Sound insulation 5 cm                                                      Rw (C;Ctr)=46 (-1;-4) dB
Vertical partition with double-leaf perforated clay cladding bricks 8 cm thickness, cavity with EdiCork panel.

Further info from manufacturer on EDICORK 180

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