Fancoil controller

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Vaprio d'Agogna, Italy
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Fancoil controller

The ekinex® EK-HC1-TP fancoil actuator / controller allows to control a fan coil unit for the air conditioning of a room. The device can perform the function of simple actuator in combination with a KNX room thermostat or that of actuator / controller with acquisition of the temperature value by a KNX room sensor or a probe connected to an analog input.

The device is suitable for 2 or 4-pipe hydraulic distribution systems with ON / OFF control of one or two electrothermal shut-off valve actuators and a 3-speed fan or a brushless motor driven fan. The outputs not used to control the fan coil unit can be configured as binary output channels for different functions. The device is equipped with 3 inputs freely configurable as analog or digital. The device is fitted with membrane pushbuttons for manual command and LED’s for status indication; a pushbutton allows to switch between automatic and manual operation modes. The device integrates a KNX bus communication module and is realized for mounting on a standard 35 mm DIN-rail. The device is supplied by the KNX bus and requires an additional 230 Vac power supply to operate.

Further info from manufacturer on EKINEX® EK-HC1-TP
Further details
Power supply
• Voltage (loads) 230 Vac 50/60 Hz
• Voltage (electronics) 30 Vdc by KNX bus
• 3 freely configurable for passive temperature sensors (10 kΩ NTC at 25°C) or as potential-free binary inputs
• 1 to control a brushless motor driven fan with 0-10 V signal
• 3 interlocked relay outputs to control a 3-speed fan (or configurable as binary outputs for different applications)
• 2 relay SPST (single pole, single throw) to control two ON / OFF valves (in 2 or 4-pipe hydraulic distribution systems)
Main characteristics
• Plastic casing
• Frontal programming pushbutton and LED
• Membrane keyboard with LED’s for status indication
• Pushbutton for switching operating mode (normal / programming)
• Connection to bus line with KNX terminal block
• Connection of inputs, outputs and 230 Vac power supply with screw terminals
• Classification climatic 3K5 and mechanical 3M2 (according to EN 50491-2)
• Overvoltage class III (according to EN 60664-1)
• Pollution degree 2 (according to IEC 60664-1)
• 35 mm rail mounting (according to EN 60715)
• 4 modular units (1 MU = 18 mm)
• IP20 protection degree (installed device)
• Weight 205 g

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