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PVC venetian blinds

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Venetian blinds


PVC venetian blinds



The venetian blinds are not only an aesthetic and functional element of the building but also reduce the penetration of sunlight into the building, whereby the inhabitants can still enjoy the comfort of natural sunlight. With the application of venetian blinds that have isolating and protective properties, the maintenance costs of the building can be lowered.  
Each type of the venetian blinds can be fitted with a slide or a steel cable (mounted on the facade of the building in case that there is not enough room for slide grips). The most comfortable way of venetian blinds regulation is by an electric control unit. The so called weather station can be installed in the navigation system It can  control the movement of the venetian blinds, responds to wind power and the intensity of sunlight.

• They protect the interiors against the UV-rays.
• They protect the windows against destruction and the impact of adverse weather conditions such as wind, snow, rain, frost and sun. Therefore they help maintain the comfort of work and pleasant temperature in the interiors.
• They help to significantly reduce the costs of heating necessary for the air conditioning of the curtained interiors.
• They are placed on big facades. They produce an isolating effect and cater for an appropriate temperature distribution in the interior, fostering the air conditioning systems, instead of producing an additional workload for them.
• They successfully reduce the noise level
• Between the lamellar surface and the glass there is a thermal barrier, that is, the air mass that decelerates the heat exchange. Therefore, with the temperature of 35°C outside, you can reduce the temperature inside by as much as 10°C.
• The exterior blinds change the visual appeal of the facade and lend an intriguing, modern, and industrial character to it.
• The way the blinds are fitted makes the whole construction especially stable. With the state-of-the-art plate-fin  locking systems, they can withstand the wind blows up to the force of 10 winds.
• The colours of plate-fins in all available hues within the RAL colour system.

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