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Replaceable bladder pressure tanks

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AS/AC | Tank and autoclave system


Replaceable bladder pressure tanks

The AS-AC series replacement bladder tanks are a valid solution for small household installations, garden irrigation systems and all other applications where small capacities are required.
All the models are supplied as standard with a bladder in EPDM; this means they can also be used as sanitary expansion tanks up to a maximum design temperature of +99°C.
The AS-25 model combines practicality and financial benefits, and is suitable for direct installation on the pump.
The AC GPM-25 model has been designed to implement small, compact type pressurization units. 
CE certified.

• Blue epoxy powder paint.
• Replaceable bladder in EPDM rubber (Model AC-2: replaceable bladder in butyl)
• Water and air completely separate.
• No contact between water and tank inner surface.
• Replaceable alimentary non-toxic bladder with elastic characteristics to enable total expansion inside the tank to ensure the best performance and longer product life cycle.
Reference standard:
• Declaration of conformity to essential safety requirements specified in Directive 97/23/EC (PED). (The 2 and 5 litre models are without the CE marking).

• Working temperature: -10° / +99°C (Mod. AC20 PN25: -10° / + 50°C)
• Maximum working pressure: 8 bars
• Pre-charging pressure: 1.5 bar 
2 years warranty.

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