Elbi HI-NOX | Tank and autoclave system

Stainless Steel Replaceable bladder pressure tanks

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Limena, Italy
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HI-NOX | Tank and autoclave system


Stainless Steel Replaceable bladder pressure tanks

The stainless steel tanks offer top quality in the Elbi range.
Designed as a stand-alone product, therefore not only as a simple variant of similar products in carbon steel, HI-NOX tanks are built based on the right processing techniques for stainless steel with manufacturing involving specifically designed equipment to process stainless steel. Particular attention was also given to the overall aesthetic appearance and product polishing.

• The HX-2F model is particularly indicated for use as a water hammer arrestor.
• The HM and HM GPM models are indicated for use in small water lifting units where the qualitative and hygienic appearance of the water is important.
• The HM-GPM-24 model, like the traditional version in stainless steel, was designed to create small, compact type lifting units.
• All the bladder tanks in the HI-NOX are supplied as standard with an EPDM bladder. (HX-2F model with butyl bladder).
Reference standard:
• Declaration of conformity to essential safety requirements specified in Directive 97/23/EC (PED). The 2 litre model is without CE marking.

• Working temperature: -10° / +99°C.
• Maximum working pressure: 10 bars
• Pre-charging pressure: 1.5 bar
2 years warranty.

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