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Insulated metal panel for roof

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Pantalla, Italy
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Insulated metal panel for roof

The core consistes of an oriented rock wool layer (100 kg/m3) positioned perpediculary to the supports. This gives higher stability to the panel and improves its mechanical performances.
Thermal conductivity coefficient of rock wool: l = 0,041~0,045 W/mK. 
The use of oriented rock wool gives to the panel excellent characteristics of acoustic insulation on a wide frequency spectrum, in particular if a microdrilled support is placed towards the source of the noise.
In fact the noise on the roof produced, for instance, by the rain and the hail will be reduced considerably.

Mechanical performance
The values indicated in the tables have been calculated according to CNR 10022/87 an ECCS instructions and are supported by several tests about uniformlydistributed loads executed by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Perugia, Industrial Engineering Department (Centre of Experimental Tests)

Fire-resistance performance
The test of fire-reaction have been executed by an authorized laboratory (Istituto Giordano S.p.a.) using equipments as request in the Circular 91, issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. During the planning stage, the prototypes have been tested in thelaboratories of Elcom System S.p.a.

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