Elval Colour High Reflectivity Coating

Anti-radiation reflective paint

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Elval Colour

Agios Thomas, Greece
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High Reflectivity Coating


Anti-radiation reflective paint

A certified innovative coating system offering more heat reflectivity than virtually any other roofing material available, letting the user realize significant energy savings in a wide variety of colours, varying from solid to metallic, and from light to dark colours.
A special coating that reflects solar radiation up to 84% (depending on the colour shade) achieving the least heat transmission to the interior of the building. As a result this leads to energy savings and cooler interior spaces.
• Heat is reflected away from buildings and buildings absorb less temperature leading to lower environmental temperatures in dense populated areas
• Lower environmental temperatures help reduce smog levels
• Energy saving
• Less heat transmission from external to internal
• Cooler interior spaces sometimes 11°C cooler than traditional roofs
• The life expectancy of the roof itself increases due to less expansion and contraction

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