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Gutter and downpipe

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Gutter and downpipe

YDORAL® è il brand che garantisce un sistema completo per il mondo della lattoneria con prodotti in alluminio verniciato di alta qualità e lunga durata, un’ampia gamma di colouri e spessori e un servizio personalizzato e in partnership.
YDORAL® è un prodotto di Elval Colour lo specialista europeo nel settore dell’alluminio verniciato che garantisce direttamente l’intero process dalla produzione alla verniciatura, dalla distribuzione alla lavorazione in una logica ecosostenibile.
Aluminium is a soft, lightweight but strong material; its weight is about one third to that of steel or copper; it is malleable, ductile and can be easily formed; it has excellent corrosion resistance and durability. Furthermore it is nonmagnetic, it makes no sparks, it has a high thermal and electrical conductivity, it’s non-toxic, and fully recyclable.
The comparative advantages of aluminium rain gutters are mainly lower weight, better formability, colour retention and lower cost. These are the reasons why pre-painted aluminum is a perfect solution for Rain Gutters production. Pre-painted aluminum used for gutters, tubes, accessories and hooks can match natural looking finishes offered by much more expensive materials such as Zinc and Copper.

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Further details
ELVAL COLOUR, thanks to its experience and its technology, is able to offer coatings of high quality standards suitable for every application and process.
Our products are positioned at the very High-End of the market while maintaining a competitive price. For any further information you may contact our technical-sales team that will reply to your questions in a professional and knowledgeable way. We can also provide you with samples of gutters, tubes and accessories produced with our material, for your personal evaluation.
With access to all steps of the manufacturing process, ability to provide custom defined shades and addresses any formability requirements. We provide coated aluminum coils and strips that meet the most demanding requirements for colour shade durability and ease of formability in accordance with customer requirements and European Norms.

Testa di Moro
White Grey
Rosso Siena
White 9010
Ivory 1013
Silver Metallic

Copper Imitation Natural or “Spazzolato”
Patina Rame
Patina Verde
Patina Zinc
Titan Zinc
Wrinkle (upon request)

STANDARD WIDTH: 1.000 / 1.150 / 1.250 / 1.524 mm

OTHER WIDTH: All range of width available

Coil ID: 500 mm with Carton Core
Coil OD: max 1.200 mm
Coil Weight: 300 - 3.000 kg
Pallet weight: max 3.500 kg

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