Energy production and distribution plant

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Campogalliano, Italy
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Energy production and distribution plant

ES-PUMP - Emiliana Serbatoi has designed and developed an exclusive range of Diesel fuel dispensers. A thorough analysis of customers' needs and the long experience in the fuelling field, led Emiliana Serbatoi to bring out an high efficiency and low-maintenance line of Diesel fuel dispensers called ES PUMP. The ES PUMP line consists of an exclusive attractive shape, sturdy and reliable family of dispensers for non-commercial use for both underground and above-ground tanks. ES PUMP equipment allow quick, safe and reliable refuellings of vehicles, and provide several solutions to control and monitor  the fuelling operations and the fuel consumption. This line of dispensers can be provided in both versions, mechanic head and electronic head and calculator. All models are equipped with a filtration unit which provides extra protection of the equiment removing impurities and water from fuel; these filters ensure a superior in-line protection of mechanical parts and an high level of fuel purity.

GLM-C: Electronic Head version, equipped with MC electronic register, sturdy and reliable dispenser for non-commercial use; exclusive attractive shape, high efficiency and low-maintenance design. Diesel fuel dispenser for non-commercial use equipped with MC electronic register, for quick and accurate fuelling operations, which can be used only by authorised personnel (max. 50 users); it is fitted with a local memory capable of storing data for the latest 200 fuel deliveries. Can be set up to accept  vehicle registration numbers and odometer reading. Thanks to a dedicated software it is possible to control and monitor  the fuelling operations and the fuel consumption.
Technical specifications and performances:
AC motor, single-phase (230V - 50Hz) .
Self-priming vane motor pump, flow rate: 70 lpm (GLM-70-C) or 90 lpm (GLM-100-C).
Pulser Fuel Meter, model K600,  electronic high-precision and low pressure loss type. It is based on the oval gears measuring principle.
Able to control up to 50 users.
Magnetic keys for users recognition.
Local memory up to the last 200 dispensing operations.
Possibility of entering the vehicle code/ID number and odometer reading.
Water adsorbing filter (n. 2 filters on the GLM-100-C model).
Minimum tank level pump stop.
Hinged front door complete with lock.
Display sliding protective door panel.

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