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EMMETIMES | Air to water Heat pump

Air to water Heat pump

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Fontanafredda, Italy
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MES | Air to water Heat pump
Air to water Heat pump

The innovative “MES” heating pump, Modular, Efficient, Silent, combines some key features as installation flexibility, respect of the new limits of
average seasonal efficiency and silence with partial loads.
Units can adapt to the different types of systems by limiting the problems  connected to noise and by guaranteeing at the same time some unique
performances in every architectonical contest.
MES is composed by 34 kW thermic independent modules mutually connectable  until an overall power of 137 kW.  Every single module is a reversible heat pump that can be installed outdoor,  equipped with scroll compressors tandem settled at vapour injection,  hydrophilic battery and R410A refrigerant.
Therefore this is the ideal solution for:
Tertiary, offices and collective residential;
Restructuring with heating system substitution into existing buildings;
Heat pump integration in existing systems already equipped with boiler;
Possible substitution or integration of the boiler;
Terminals use at high, middle or low temperature;
In addition to this you have to consider the typical realization advantages of  a thermic system with heat pumps, the possibility to cool and heat rooms  with just one unit, increased over time product reliability, environmental  respect by totally eliminating direct CO2 emissions, absence of charges for:  ordinary maintenance, realization of supply gas systems and discharge of  combustion products, therefore more safety.

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