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Outdoor heater / misting system

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Borgoricco, Italy
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Outdoor heater / misting system

An area that embraces smokers: they can spend the smoking pause without giving up any comfort.
A dedicated and protected area, where you can forget the bother of hot or cold. A special area to reserve all the attention required by the smokers.
Thanks to the light the surrounding area is perfectly brightened.
Montecristo table already has two ashtrays to simplify the lives of those who smoke but also to bar and restaurant owners.
Expand out the bounds of your restaurant, your bar or your pub: discover more space and give greater attention to your customers.
To relax smoking a cigarette, in the company of other smokers, enjoying a drink in the open air.
An outdoor furniture that has no limits: cold days are heated, while the hottest days will be refreshed by the cooling system.
The quality of Made in Italy is combined with outdoor furniture design.
Equipped with:
• 3 LED lights kit (30W – 0,2A)*, 6500K (x3), lumen 1000 (x3)
• Table complete with a pair of ashtrays
• White or natural painted wooden support base
• Electric resistance heater 1500W – 6,6A
• Pumping unit F25 (with low water block)
• Ring of 6 anti-drip fog nozzles
• Switch for motor pump control
• 10L tank, 2h autonomy with maximum consumption mode 60” work 15” pause
• Misting system 110W – 0,5A
• Programming time pause/work: time ON 15”-30”-45”-60”
• Programming time pause/work: time OFF 15”-30”-45”-60”

RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE: 1.139€ + VAT + shipping costs

Further details
Montecristo - Enjoy your Life - Night & Day
Designed in Italy
Brevetto USA 29/489,687
Brevetto depositato
Dimensioni: Ø 50cm x 215cm H - 45kg - 230V-50Hz
Colorazioni disponibili rivestimento in rattan:
Bianco Neve, Marrone Caffè
Finiture tavolino/base:
Laccato bianco, Legno naturale

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