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Enjoy your LifeOASI

Outdoor heater / misting system

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Enjoy your Life

Borgoricco, Italy
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Outdoor heater / misting system
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Both cold and sunny days discover a new dimension. You will be regenerated with the warmth and freshness.
You can relax drinking in the open air, dance and have fun during your parties in the garden.
With Oasi outdoors are entertaining all year long.
This is a brand new product for outdoor furniture that combines the freshness of the nebulizer with a heater for outdoor areas.
The perfect solution for gardens, patios, public places such as bars and restaurants, but also swimming pools:
to refresh during the hot seasons and to heat in the winter months.
A design that combines safety, quietness and handiness, with the absolute quality of Made in Italy.
Your outdoors will have a whole new light, your green spaces will be enhanced and brightened.
You will be instantaneously heated, to enjoy the warmness and coziness during the colder days and evenings.
Turn on the well-being and bring in a moment a fresh breeze: to make more pleasant your outdoor moments.

Equipped with:
• 3 LED lights kit (30W - 0,2A), 6500K (x3), lumen 1000 (x3)
• White or natural painted wooden support base
• Electric resistance heater 1500W - 6,6A
• Pumping unit F25 (with low water block)
• Ring of 6 anti-drip fog nozzles
• 10L tank, 2h autonomy with maximum consumption mode 60” work 15” pause
• Misting system 110W - 0,5A
• Remote control ON/OFF lights+misting
• Analogic timer, to set pause/work cycles
• Programming time pause/work: time ON from 5” to 60”
• Programming time pause/work: time OFF from 5” to 60”

* Equivalent to 200W old incandescent bulb 

RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE: 1.219€ + VAT + shipping costs

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