Enrico Cassina C14011 | Window handle

Classic style DK window handle

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Enrico Cassina

Cucciago, Italy
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C14011 | Window handle


Classic style DK window handle



At the turn of the twentieth century a common movement arose that was generally referred to as Art Nouveau. The significant features of this style includes  the repetition of motifs with mirror and symmetrical effects and a desire to draw inspiration from the harmonious and sinuous forms of nature.

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Ogni oggetto Enrico Cassina è disponibile nelle seguenti finiture:  oro non verniciato, oro, oro satinato, bronzo antico, ottone antico, oro imperiale, ramato antico non verniciato, nickel lucido, nickel satinato, cromo, nickel nero, oil rubbed bronze, rame, patined steel, cromo satinato, argento vecchio, bagno argento, bagno oro, oro PVD, oro antico PVD, oro a 24k.

WINDOW HANDLES Collection by Enrico Cassina
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