Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles with brick effect

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Figueroles, Spain
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BRICK | Wall/floor tiles


Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles with brick effect


Porcelain stoneware

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La peculiar estética “stracciatella” con estilo mediterráneo y muy natural se presenta en la serie Micro. Porcelánico con un único formato de 20x20 cm, acabado en mate y antideslizante en una gama de siete colores que aportan un abanico enorme de posibilidades para proyectos de interiorismo. Sin duda una de las características más interesantes que tiene este producto es la gran variedad gráfica y difererentes tonalidades. Esto unido a la variedad de los fragmentos, tanto en tamaños como en colores, puede aportar un estilo decorativo muy interesante.
Con los decorados de la serie Micro se pueden generar alfombras o tapices con un único diseño o disfrutar de decoraciones a modo patchwork con aire más fresco que permite combinar armónicamente múltiples diseños con total libertad y personalizar la estancia con composiciones de distribución asimétrica.

The peculiar aesthetic “stracciatella” with Mediterranean and very natural style is presented in the Micro collection. Porcelain stoneware with a single format of 8”x8”, matte and non-slip finish in a range of seven colors that provide a huge range of possibilities for interior design projects. Undoubtedly one of the most interesting features that this product has is the great graphic variety and different hues. This together with the variety of the fragments, in both sizes and colors, can provide a very interesting decorative style.
With the Micro series, you can create carpets or tapestries with a unique design or enjoy patchwork decorations with fresher air that allows you to harmoniously combine multiple designs with complete freedom and personalize the room with compositions of asymmetrical distribution.

Brick - The  project  recalls  the  look  of  the  walls  in  open  brickwork  typical  of  a  number  of cities worldwide, with a hand-crafted feel that reflects the industrial development of cities such as Berlin, New York and Londres. In the liveliest districts of these cities, the reddish brick surfaces remain the clearest  expression  of  the  lively  artistic  and  cultural  scene  of  places  with  a  story  to  tell.  A story Equipe Ceramicas brings into the home, thanks to collections that can be used for both floors and walls.
Created to furnish contemporary environments with the charm of post-industrial period. Unique of its kind and particularly suitable for outdoor flooring of courtyards and terraces, Brick is also ideal for furnishing indoor areas, to create “exposed brickwork” surroundings with the practical features of ceramic combined with the beauty of brick.
The  colours  Town,  District  and  Village  recreates  the  timeless  beauty  of  vintage,  revealing its hidden contemporary urban side. Seemingly worn by the passage of time, with yours warm and rich tones for both indoors and out, for an original perspective, fused with personality.

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6 x 24,6 cm

10 x 20 cm

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