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Elektra is a youthful kitchen, with a clear, transparent face. Clear and transparent because with simple formal signs, it gives a direct indication of the different functions assigned to the five horizontal layers into which it is visually divided, in an attractive ethical and aesthetic balance. In Elektra, the kitchen’s bulkiest equipment is allocated to its lowest, deepest layer, comprising a sequence of big drawers with a wealth of accessories for effective management of all their roomy space. The second layer, underneath the worktop, offers utility space around the sinks and also stores all utensils that need to be immediately to hand. Like the even bigger drawers below them, the large drawers in this second layer can be equipped in a variety of ways. The worktop, the heart of Elektra, is the layer with the widest range of customisation options in terms of both functions and finishes. Materials such as stainless steel, Corian®, marble and laminate can be freely used and combined, in a vast choice of contours, shapes and thicknesses. Elektra’s fourth and fifth layers are the kitchen’s wall cabinet area. The fourth layer, at a height conceived for easy inspection and immediate use, has an original, unusual flap opening that leaves freedom of movement for placing or removal of everything that needs to be in continuous use; the fifth layer consists of a roomy larder cabinet, easily accessible even without the aid of the step-ladder.

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Specifiche Tecniche

In Elektra le aperture a gola assumono un ruolo esteticamente fondamentale. Infatti, oltre a permettere un elegante incasso della maniglia nello spessore dell’anta, scandiscono il sistema ante con intervalli orizzontali per le basi e i pensili.

Con intervalli verticali invece per le ante degli armadi. La fenditura della gola è rivestita da una fascia in alluminio; disponibile nelle finiture bianco opaco, acciaio e nero opaco.

Pensili Affix ad aperture differenziate: a vasistas per le parti superiori e a ribalta per quelle inferiori. Utilissima la fenditura a gola per l’accesso alle maniglie.

Ghost, la cappa disponibile nelle larghezze cm 90/120, è in acciaio satinato Aisi 304 18/10 ed ha una capacità aspirante di 750 mc/h. La pulsantiera elettronica è dotata di illuminazione con faretti per la zona operativa.

Armadi multifunzione: colonne per lo stoccaggio attrezzate con ripiani e fondale luminoso.

Le ante della zona elettrodomestici sono accessibili mediante l’utile gola verticale.

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